How to use NTP with the Aduino Leonardo

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This project is a way to easily display the time on an LCD.

The project uses a DS3231 module to store the time and an ESP01 that uses NTP to request it and store it in the DS3231 module.

Further code changes can be found on my GitHub page:

Arduino Leonardo - Config file reader - BOM

Arduino Leonardo - clone Em estoque This one is a home brew leonardo from€ 12,55Módulo WIFI ESP8266 ESP-01S Em estoque ESP8266 module€ 4,90Adaptador USB ESP-01 Em estoque ESP adapter to 5V TTL logic€ 3,15Módulo de relógio em tempo real DS3231 Em estoque Real Time Clock Module€ 4,35Módulo de interface LCD I2C Em estoque I2C LCD interface€ 2,15Módulo lcd azul de 20x4 caracteres Em estoque 20x4 Character LCD module€ 9,45Total € 36,55
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